Visit a Western Union® agent location near São José, Brazil to send or receive money fast.

Western Union® is a quick and reliable way to send or receive money in worldwide locations such as supermarkets, check cashers, and convenience stores.

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Western Union Services ?
  • Money Transfer

    The Western Union® money transfer service allows you to send money in minutes, the next day, or in three to five business days. Send money online, by phone, or from a nearby agent location. You can’t send and receive money at all locations, so choose “Hours & Info” for a listing of available services.

  • Money Transfer to a Bank Account

    Send a Western Union® Money Transfer directly to your receiver’s bank account. Send money online or from a nearby agent location. See the list of countries supported and specific information needed from your receiver.

  • Convenience Pay

    The Western Union Convenience Pay® service offers you a fast, easy, and convenient way to send cash or check for a wide variety of participating utility companies including electric, gas, cellular, cable, phone, water, and more!

  • Money Order

    Money orders from Western Union can be used to pay for online purchases, give a gift, pay bills or when cash and checks aren't accepted. They can also be a great tool for managing your budget and can be cashed at many banks, retailers or deposited directly into a bank account where accepted.

  • Payments

    The Western Union® Payments service allows you to make a same day payment in seconds! And the payment is guaranteed! Pay your utility bills, mortgage, car loan, insurance bill, credit cards and more! Prepay your phone bill, add minutes to wireless accounts, top-up phone cards and commissary accounts with one reliable service. With Western Union® Payments service, you will receive proof of payment in minutes.

  • Payments - Delivery Options

    The Western Union® Payments service allows you to make payments in seconds for same day, next day or 2nd day delivery! Pay your mortgage, car loan, insurance bill, credit cards and more! Prepay your phone bill, add minutes to wireless accounts, top-up phone cards and commissary accounts with one reliable service. With Western Union Payments service, you will receive proof of payment in minutes.

  • Mobile Money Transfer

    The Western Union® Mobile Money Transfer service allows you to send funds from a participating Western Union Agent location or directly to the "wallet" of mobile-phone subscribers in select countries -- currently, the Philippines and Kenya.

  • Quick Collect

    The Western Union® Quick Collect® service allows you to send payments for your mortgage loan, auto loan, insurance, credit cards, utilities, commissary account and more on the day they are due and receive proof of payment in minutes!

  • WU® Reload+ (Prepaid Services)

    Send payment for your wireless phone bill, prepay your home phone bill, quickly add minutes to your wireless account or purchase a prepaid long distance card at any participating Agent location.

  • Quick Pay (Consumer to Business Service)

    Allows organizations to accept payments from thousands for participating Western Union Quick Pay locations across the world. Payment confirmation is communicated to them within minutes after the payment has been made by the sender.

  • Prepaid Card Sales

    Western Union® Reloadable Prepaid MasterCard® Cards are a safe way to carry your money with no long term commitment. Better than a bank account, our reloadable cards allow you to manage your money with ease.

  • Pay for Transfers Started on App

    Pay cash at select retail locations for a money transfer you started on the Western Union mobile app. Select “Pay in Cash” as the payment method in the app and then complete your transaction at a select retail location. Other payment methods are handled directly within the app. Download the app from Google Play or the App Store.

  • RIACHUELO SC SAO JOSE CONTIN PARK SH 21 Rod Br 101 Km 211 Sao Jose, Santa Catarina 88104801 +55-48-123
    Open Now
    0.55 km
  • FAIR SAO JOSE Av Presidente Kennedy 1953 Centro Sala 16 E 17 Sao Jose, Santa Catarina 88102401 +55-48-32470735
    Open Now
    1.42 km
  • BRADESCO PTE IMARUIM UPALHOCA Av Aniceto Zacchi 228 Lj 02 Ag 1348 Palhoca, Santa Catarina 88130-300 +55-48-32407888
    Open Now
    1.47 km
  • BRADESCO S JOSE CENTRO Av Pres Kennedy 707 Ag 1472 Sao Jose, Santa Catarina 88101-001 +55-48-32051250
    Open Now
    1.79 km
  • BRADESCO SHOP V CATARINA UPAL R Atilio Pedro Pagani S N Ag 1428 Palhoca, Santa Catarina 88130-075 +55-48-30869117
    Open Now
    3.17 km
  • BRADESCO B BARREIROS U S JOSE R Dep Leoberto Leal 389 Sl 3 Ag 2937 Sao Jose, Santa Catarina 88117-001 +55-48-38782900
    Open Now
    3.52 km
  • BRADESCO ESTREITO UFL R Fulvio Aducci 809 Ag 347 Florianopolis, Santa Catarina 88075-001 +55-48-38782500
    Open Now
    4.15 km
  • BRADESCO R FELIPE SCHMIDT UFL R Felipe Schmidt 649 Ag 2353 Florianopolis, Santa Catarina 88010-001 +55-48-38782650
    Open Now
    5.16 km
  • BRADESCO ALVARO CARVALHO UFL R Alvaro De Carvalho 267 Ag 3455 Florianopolis, Santa Catarina 88010-040 +55-48-38782850
    Open Now
    5.32 km
  • BRADESCO PRIME FLORIANOPOLIS R Tenente Silveira 302 Centro Ag 3418 Somente Para Correntistas Prime Florianopolis, Santa Catarina 88010-301 +55-48-38782800
    Open Now
    5.36 km
  • LOJA WU FLORIANOPOLIS Rua Trajano 264, Lj 264 Nova Galeria Trajano - Centro Florianopolis, Santa Catarina 88010-010 +55-48-32068218
    Open Now
    5.39 km
  • FAIR FLORIANOPOLIS Av Prefeito Osmar Cunha 183 Sala 14 Edificio Ceisa Centro Florianopolis, Santa Catarina 88015-100 +55-48-32220688
    Open Now
    5.41 km
  • IVORAMTUR VIAGENS E TURISMO LT Rua Bocaiuva 2468 Loja 123 Piso Sambaqui Centro Florianopolis, Santa Catarina 88015530 +55-48-32230469
    Open Now
    5.48 km
  • BRADESCO BEIRA MAR NORTE UFL Av Rubens De A Ramos 2518 Ag 3308 Florianopolis, Santa Catarina 88015-700 +55-48-38782750
    Open Now
    5.95 km
  • BRADESCO TRINDADE UFL R Lauro Linhares 1693 Trindad Ag 2186 Florianopolis, Santa Catarina 88036-002 +55-48-38782600
    Open Now
    7.24 km
  • BRADESCO STO AMARO IMPERATRIZ R Prefeito Jose Koering 5562 Ag 369 Santo Amaro Da Imperatriz, Santa Catarina 88140-000 +55-48-32451145
    Open Now
    9.97 km
  • BRADESCO LAGOA CONCEICAO UFLO R Moacyr Pereira Junior 52 Ag 2092 Florianopolis, Santa Catarina 88062-025 +55-48-33381665
    Open Now
    10.36 km
  • BRADESCO JURERE U FLORIANOP Rod J Mauric S Sobrinho 5493 Ag 2502 Florianopolis, Santa Catarina 88053-700 +55-48-32848100
    Open Now
    14.86 km
  • RIACHUELO SC FLORIPA SH 53 Rodovia Virgilio Varzea Florianopolis, Santa Catarina 88032001 +55-48-21078500
    Open Now
    15.41 km
  • BRADESCO PRAIA INGLESES UFL Rodovia Sc 403 6710 Ag 1126 Florianopolis, Santa Catarina 88058-001 +55-48-32692616
    Open Now
    19.25 km